Katie's Choir Trip to New York City

Katie went with her school choir to New York City.  She went to Times Square, saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, went to Chinatown for shopping,  toured Ellis Island and saw the Statue of Liberty, went dancing on a tour cruise boat, saw Ground Zero, went to Grand Central Station, rode busses and flew across the country on planes.  She had so much fun!


Katie at LAX

Flying from Los Angeles to JFK

Amazing View from up here


Flying higher!

On the plane

Flying in comfort!

At the Choir Festival

Inside the Riverside Church

A few of the choir singers inside the church

Look! A trophy!

Award winning voices!

Pretty nice bus, and pretty nice trophy

Dinner and dancing on a sight seeing boat

Dancing while floating

There she is!



Streets of New York

Very pretty buildings

Performing Arts School

Performing Arts School

Cute shops everywhere!

Katie and a friend in NYC!

Times Square

Katie in Times Square!

New York's Finest

Ground Zero

Katie and Lady Liberty

Ellis Island

Bought sunglasses, purses, watches and things in Chinatown