Flat Stanley Bley

Hi!  My name is Flat Stanley.  I go to school at Pinewood Elementary in Eagan, Minnesota.  I'm in the first grade with my buddy, Kevin.  One day, I was flattened when a bulletin board fell on me. So, I became a traveling student since I can travel by mail.  I go places and report back to my class about my adventures.

Kevin sent me to his Grandma Helen and his Great-Grandma Grace.  I stayed in Wyoming with them for two weeks.  That was a really fun adventure!

After visiting the Grandmas for Easter, Aunt Mary took me to California.  We drove the whole way there; we went through Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and Nevada before we got to California.  You can see more pictures of my trip to California on the Spring Trip photo page.


Sandy the dog took me to her favorite place, the dog-park.  She let me ride on her collar.  Sandy showed me how she sniffs for rabbits and other varmints, and she showed me an owl nest.  Sandy likes to run in the grass and swim in the creek. 



Katie, Lexie and Anna took me to school.  They are busy girls at school!  They also let me hang out with them at home, at the mall, and at church.  I'll have pictures of my adventures at their schools soon.


Other things I've done here:  When we got home, we celebrated Easter again!  Anna's parents sent a big box from Germany.  It was filled with German chocolate and other treats!  Another day, Lexie took me with her and her friends to Carlsbad for a fun day of swimming and sun. I saw the sun set over the ocean. Aunt Mary let me sniff all the flowers and pick some fruit in the back yard.



I spent two weeks in California with the Schumachers and then I got in a big brown truck and headed home to Minnesota.  I really had fun!  Thanks to Kevin's teacher at Pinewood Elementary for squishing me and making me the traveling student!