Mary decided to get creative.  She bought a collection of black picture frames, and then she scanned a bunch of pictures, edited and cropped them, then gave them all the same "look".  Having a printer that can reproduce photo quality prints is cool!  Take a look:

The start of it all.

This was a great picture Keith took of Dad and the girls. The print turned out so good we framed a copy to give to Dad and another went on the wall in our home. This got Mary started...

Grace Carlson

This is Mary's Grandma at her baptism in 1908. (That means she was four years old when the Titannic sunk!)

Annie McIntosh & Gracie Price

I don't have a lot of information about this photo. I think this is my great-grandma Gracie and her cousin. You just gotta love the hats!

Elmer & girls

Elmer Carlson (Mary's Gpa's brother) and friends enjoy a trip to California in the 1920's.


Edgar Carlson on an average day. Photo from the late 20's or early 30's.

Gwen & George Turney

Mary's Dad, George, and his sister. Looks just like Ed at age 10 and Mary at age 6.

Bill, Mary & Grace Steele

Mary's Grandma Grace (the youngest in this picture), her brother Bill, and her sister Mary. Photo taken sometime in 1911.

Edgar Carlson 1929

When he wasn't wrangling cattle, Edgar cleaned up pretty nicely! My question is: Just what kind of car is that?

Helen Turney

Actually, it's Helen Carlson in 1938 in Worland Wyoming.

Helen and her animals!

Here is the entire collection. OK--it's only about HALF of the entire collection. And yes, she named all of them and still knows which is which. Thank god Mary's mom didn't get into Beanie Babies!

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