Gracie Margaret Schumacher has ARRIVED!

                                                                Gracie was Born on Tuesday, March 14 at 3:49pm!!  .....



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Sandy snuggling Gracie in early labor

Sandy has to get her snuggle time in as well. We really are not sure if Sandy is snuggling Mary or Gracie.

It's 5:37AM. Do you know where your OB-GYN is?

You can't tell from the picture, but the hospital was incredibly busy that morning. So Busy, Mary had to wait in the hallway for a little while before being taken to a room.


It was a FROSTY California March morning. (See the frost on the roof tiles?)

the Labor Room

Here is a family picture in the Labor Room.

This Hurts!

Mary begins another contraction--Katie didn't notice this one starting.

a Happy Mom...

this is about 60 seconds after birth...

What Happened??

Getting cleaned up in a new world...

the Weigh-in

7 pounds, 9.6 ounces and 20 inches

tears of joy...

and cries of Love

in the warmer...

with two admiring big sisters watching over her.

Proud Daddy!

Holding a precious bundle...

The Girls

all of 'em...





Click Here to listen to her heartbeat!


Newest Ultrasound Pictures!!!

Pictures are from December 2, 2005

Baby Girl Schu weighs 1 lb 15 oz

She is about 9 inches long from crown to rump

Heartbeat was 144 bpm today

She has hair on her head already!

We saw her heart beating, her toes wiggling, and her mouth moving


Two Facial Photos in 3-D



Pic 1: Toilet Seat View of Girly parts

Pic 2: 3-D Face Looking At camera!



Pic 1: Foot

Pic 2: Arm and Hand



Below: Pic of Baby Schu on Oct 12th

At 18 weeks 3 days

This is the day we discovered our baby is a GIRL!!!

She weighed 7 oz

She was aprox 6 inches from crown to rump

We saw her bones, heart, brains, kidneys, bladder, limbs, and face

Her estimated birthday is March 12, 2006



Baby Girl Schumacher will:


start kindergarten in 2011

be old enough to drive in 2022

and graduate from high school in 2024


If these pictures just look like blobs to you.... can't tell the nose from the toes?

Click here for a powerpoint slideshow pointing out the parts!