Gracie Pics...

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I love my Daddy! He always has to pet Sandy when he snuggles me or she gets jealous.

Mike Block came to see me.

Dad says there's a little bit of Grandpa George in me. Hee hee hee!

Sandy likes to hang out with me, she's nice.

This is a blanket that Anna Combs made just for me.

Sandy and I are laying on my Amazing Grace blanket.

My Grandma Helen came to see me, here I am in her hands.

My Grandma Helen loves to tell me stories.

I went to San Diego to meet my cousins. This is Susan and Seby.

Here I am taking a little nap at my party in San Diego.

Here I am with my cousin Mercedes, she is 6 mths old. Susan and Sharon are holding us.

The whole family put me in the bathtub and took pictures. I cried, but they washed me anyway.

Here I am in the tub.

Mom finally let me out of the tub and I got to wrap up in my nice new pink towel. Thanks Great Gma!

Here I am snuggling my Grandma!

Sandy's turn to watch over me.

Me and Mom

Mom washed my hair, but I can't see it!

Crazy clean hair!

This is how I snuggle in my blankee. Oh so cozy!

Born To Rock