Helen's Photography Studio

Helen has so much fun taking photos, here are a few from the family shutterbug!

Helen has a new web site under construction !  Click Here for a sneak peek at Helen's photo journal from her recent trip to England and Scotland.


Robert Liming in Helena after finishing training. Now, he's in Ft Bliss, TX preparing for Iraq. He'll be driving a Bradley just like this one.

Robert and his Grandmas.

The Grandmas went to Arizona and Utah in June 2004 on a sight-seeing tour.

Arizona, June 2004

Alligator Formation in the Grand Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Goblin Valley

Navajo Dancers, June 2004

Sunset over the Grand Canyon

Three Gossips at Arches National Park

Yellowtail Dam

This photo was taken in April 2004

Big Horn Canyon

Amazing colors when you see it from the air

Meeteetse from the air

Yellowstone National Park

Elephant's Back

Yellowstone National Park

Now and Then

Yellowstone National Park Bus

Good Friday Snowstorm

in Meeteetse, 2004

Sunrise in Meeteetse

This photo was taken in January 2004 in Gma's yard

Janiceks with Great-Gramma

This photo was taken April 2004 in Buffalo.

Gma with the Bain Boys

in Buffalo, April 2004

Grace & Mary

in Lake Elsinore, California at the mall in Nov 2003

Patty's Kitchen

Patty, Sharon, Zorida Payne and Mary in San Diego. Nov 2003

Mary at the Hilton

This photo was taken in Orlando in May 2002

Helen's girls

This photo was taken at Ed's graduation in May 1997

Ken & boys

This photo was taken in May of 1999 in Minnesota

Ed Turney in Turney, Texas

May 2004

World's Largest Peanut

Durant, Oklahoma May, '04

Argo Hotel

Somewhere in Nebraska, May '04

Spam Museum

Austin, Minnesota May '04

Cousins or Twins?

Ed Turney and cousin Mark Renden. Sharon in the middle. May 2004

Turney First Cousins

Turney Family Reunion, Houston Texas, May '04