Holidays 2004

Here we are celebrating the holidays in 2004.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!  Scroll down for the newest photos. Click any image to enlarge.

"Cousin Camp" - Dec 26 to Jan 3rd - Jared, Logan and Flo came from Aberdeen for a visit we'll call "Cousin Camp".  The Simpson-Uecker family from Pierre were here for a few days also (a few friends and neighbors joined us on occasion too).  Here are photos of the Happy Campers at Knott's Berry Farm (Dec 30), Sea World (Dec 29), Oceanside Beach (January 1st), Hollywood (January 2nd) and hanging out at home (everyday!).












Christmas Day!!!  Merry Christmas!!!



Christmas Eve!  Waiting for Santa....


Anna's Christmas Choir Concert

Christmas at Cal Oaks Park & Santa in our neighborhood!



Decorating for Christmas! And Baking cookies too! We're getting ready!


Thanksgiving Evening:  The next door neighbors -Jessica and Andy - had a birthday piņata and invited Anna to try and hit it.  Eventually, the candy all came raining down, then it was time for birthday cake and a little party. 



Thanksgiving Day:  Sandy was freshly groomed, Keith made a fabulous turkey dinner, and the Block family joined us for the holiday meal.



Thanksgiving Break - no school for a week - gave the girls plenty of time for friends and fun! 


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