I was going through some old scanned photo's and found these gems.  Enjoy!

Old Hunting Pics:

My first Archery deer.  I shot this little buck in early November of 1983 at Sand Lake. 

I was on the east side about 300 yards north of Eckrich's land near Houghton.

(about in the middle of THIS link)



Another Archery deer-- this was a doe that I shoe as it came straight at me. 

This was also at Sand Lake, but in THIS SPOT.  I took it on Christmas Eve of 1986.

The arrow went into the throat an inch and a half below the white patch, and pierced

all the way to the fletchings entering the lungs and heart.  She dropped in 3 strides,

cartwheeling and breaking the arrow shaft inside near her lungs.



This nice 4x4 buck was taken at Renziehausen Slough during the rifle season in 1988 or 1989???



Here's Katie ready for goose hunting.  Probably 1999.




My brother Ward (Howie) and I shot these geese east of Pierre in January of 2003.

Here's the spot!