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New--HUNTING Page with a few old hunt photos

The New Truck!! 

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I know--you want to check on the Skyrocketing Real Estate prices in Murrieta--right??  Here is the Best realtor around:  www.tomcarterrealestate.com

Click Here to go directly to his MLS search listings.


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All PC users need to go there and read about AdAware.  It will find the devious little "spy" programs that are sitting on your computer RIGHT NOW tracking and reporting  your web browsing habits to generate pop up ads. Click HERE to download AdAware NOW.

An even better AD-stopping program is called Spybot Search & Destroy.  Get your copy HERE.

OK OK...here is another couple of links for ya...

Update: I USE THESE:  www.pricegrabber.com and www.pricewatch.com, and pay attention to the ratings of the companies you see there.

 continuously have people asking me "Hey Keith, I wanna buy a new <whatever>...what should I buy???"  Well folks, when I make a purchase of computer or tech equipment, I ALWAYS use the ratings and reviews of PCWorld.Com as a first step in deciding what to buy. Once you're there, Just Click on the Top 100 Products and select the category (computer, printer, scanner, camera, whatever) to see excellent reviews and ratings of equipment. 

After I find what I like at PCWorld.Com, I often use BUY.com or Newegg.com to make my purchase.  They Rock.  And they often ship for free.


War footage videos---This is Not for kids

While all of these videos are available elsewhere on the web (some through news organizations), I do not condone them being viewed by kids without parental guidance and discussion. Parents!  Keep your kids OUT until you have previewed the page linked here. 


UPDATE:  Because of the number of my students visiting my site, I have decided to restrict access to this page. 

This resource is now protected with a user-name and password


Username: "in a got a"  Type "inagota" for the username. 

This is purposely mis-spelled so that kids can't search for the phrase. It is half of a song title.  Say it fast and think 70's music.

Password:  The second half of this song title is the password.  It is not mis-spelled.  Most adults should know how to complete the song title to get the password.  If you don't know, email me.


Click HERE to enter the user-name and password to see this page.


Here's a Great bunch of guys:




Best damn virtual pilots playing Battlefield.  Period.