Welcome to Lexie's web page!

Hi!  I'm Lexie.  I'm 15 years old and going to Murrieta Valley High School in Murrieta, California. 

This is me and my friend, Lavin.  We like to hang out, bum around, go to the movies and the beach, go shopping and eat fast food!  School is out for the summer, so I'll be hanging out a lot with my friends.  If I'm not with my friends, then I'm on myspace.

My two best friends are Charles and Sheldon.  Sheldon is my acoustic guitar and Charles is my new electric guitar. I love them both!

I just finished playing club volleyball for Viper Volleyball in Temecula. That was fun, but I'm glad to have my Friday nights back!  This fall, I'll be a sophomore at MVHS.

We're coming back to South Dakota and Wyoming on our summer vacation. It's going to be a ton of fun to see all my cousins and my old Pierre friends.  See you soon!!!

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