Welcome to my World!

Hi Friends & Family! 

You all know I'm a new mommy again! I feel so much younger now - I highly recommend to have a baby when you turn 40!  This is the best way to begin the prime of my life!

I'm a champion mom now that I have two teens and a toddler.  Not to mention the dog, and Anna still calls me mom even though her foreign exchange year ended two years ago and we gave her back to her real family.  Katie is driving now, so any new gray hair I get I blame on her.  Lexie has her driver's permit too, so she gets some of the blame too! 

I'm spending a lot of time changing diapers and feeding the baby. But in between that, I'm trying to keep track of Katie and Lexie, walk the dog on occasion, do a bit of sewing, and get on the computer too.  I need to start thinking about Katie's graduation, it's coming soon! 

I am still going to CSU at San Marcos; I took a break from my studies when Gracie came along. I don't really have my focus back but I'm giving it a try.  I'm studying Literature and Writing and will get teaching credentials for secondary teaching.  I'm having second thoughts on picking up the Spanish credentials since I seem to have hit a wall with learning to speak Spanish.  I'm blaming it on mommy brain syndrome.

I love California! The weather here is great! (when it's not raining or foggy) For fun, I really enjoy driving 90 mph, going to the beach, eating authentic Mexican food, seeing the hundreds of different kinds of flowers everywhere, looking at the palm trees, dropping the kids off at the mall for four hours and knowing they won't get bored, stepping on snails in my bare feet (ok, I don't really like that but it happens once in a while), etc.  I still have a long list of things I still want to do.  It takes years to be a tourist here!  Living here is like being on an extended vacation.  Come see us sometime, the Schu-Inn always has the welcome mat out. 

If you want to keep up to date on what's going on.... check the photo gallery often!



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