Pat & Jennifer Vacation in Schu-World!

Mary's sister, Pat, and her 16 year old daughter, Jennifer, came to Southern California and stayed at the wonderful Schu-Inn.  Together we played tourist for four days.  As you can see, it was a lot of fun!

Hippo at the Zoo

Wood Duck

Singing Giraffe

Ok - not really - but he looks like he's singing!

This is a Wolf-Goat.

And that's what we decided!


Animal Show at the Zoo

Good Buddies: A Golden Retriever and a Cheetah.

Ahhhh.... he's so cute!

But I can't remember what he is. He was in the Koala Bear Exhibit.



We wanted to take this one home.

Panda Bear

We walked. A Lot!!!

Knott's Berry Farm

Jennifer riding a horse.

Pat & Jennifer at Knott's

Katie, Lexie and Jennifer are standing on the bridge and are just about to get splashed!

Katie and Lexie on the Boomerang

Katie and Lexie are riding upside down on this thing

Aunt Patty and the girls

Dinosaurs at Knott's

Snoopy On Ice

This show was great!

Waiting in line for the Log Ride at Knott's

Pat and Katie ride to the top of this 254 foot tower

and free fall down again. Supreme Scream!

Knott's at Sunset

On the right, you can see the Supreme Scream Tower

Mexican Ballet Folklorio Show at Knott's

Girls on a Dragon Swing


Shamu Show

The trainer is riding on Shamu's nose!

These guys were cute!

He wants fish treats

Seaworld Dolphin Show

There is a dolphin in mid-air

This is Jennifer, Katie, Lexie, Patty, and Keith on the

Journey to Atlantis Roller Coaster

Under the Waterfall!

After the watery plunge

Roller coaster riders

Jennifer digging for clams at Oceanside Beach

Enjoying the water in Oceanside

Jennifer playing in the Pacific Ocean

Jennifer - having fun at the Beach

Uncle Keith on his boogie board

Girls warming up after being in the cold water