The Schumacher's Photo Gallery

Follow the links below to our various picture galleries.  In all of the collections, click on the picture to see a larger view.

Terry & Eric come to visit! Click here to see pics from our day at Knott's Berry Farm, Oceanside Beach, Seaworld, USS Midway Aircraft Carrier and San Diego Wild Animal Park. Plus, some misc photos too!

Baby #4 Ultrasound Images

Spring 2008 - Katie and friends are singing and playing in local coffeeshops, Lexie took some photos, and Gracie has been busy playing hard, turning two, and enjoying Easter.

The Brew Meister - Keith is making his own beer now.  His first batch was Honey Hefeweizen. Here he is bottling his brew.

Happy 2008! - This page has photos of the new year. January and February candid shots are right here.

Christmas 2007 - Lots of presents!  We are so spoiled!  Santa left lots of loot and Great Grandma sent a musical greeting card for Gracie to listen to a million times or more!

Nov-Dec07 - We drove to Aberdeen and Meeteetse in November.  Santa pictures are at the end so keep scrolling!

Fall 2007 - Here are pictures of nothing in particular, just us.

Aquarium - we spent the day at the Scripps Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, part of the University of California San Diego. Hannah is staying with us this week (she is a 2nd cousin) and Gracie calls her Lexie. You can see how much fun the girls are having together!

Twins & Angels baseball game - we went to see the Twins in Anaheim.  They lost but we had fun anyway.

Vacation 2007 - We went for our annual road trip to Meeteetse and Aberdeen.  Photos of family, fun, and wildlife are here.

Katie's Graduation - Katie is all done with high school! Here are pics of the graduation festivities.

Running through the sprinkler - Gracie is loving the new grass and the hot weather is perfect for playing in the sprinklers.

Yard Work...the payoff is great--we now have a LAWN!!!  :-)  Thanks to the Parkers and the Sanchez's

Summer 2007 - under construction - various photos of us having a good time this summer.

Gracie is a Toddler now! Here are pictures of her exploring the big world as fast as her two little feet will take her.

Prom Night 2007 - Katie and Lexie went to their high school prom. It was held in San Diego on the Cruise Ship Independence in the SD Harbor.

Katie went to New York City - The MVHS Choir went to NY for Spring Break!

Bonnie in San Diego - Bonnie and two of her friends from MN came down for a visit. Here is the fun we've been having with Aunt Bonnie at the zoo. La Jolla Beach pictures are Here.

First Birthday - Gracie's first birthday party and trip to the zoo pictures are here.

Gracie finishing out her first year - photos of her age 9 to 12 mths.  I'll add as we go along.

Christmas 2006 Photos!!!

November & December 2006 - Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas. Gracie was 8 & 9 mths old in these photos.

Growing Baby - Photos of Gracie age 4 to 7mths old.  The rest of us are in the backgrounds.  Don't forget to see our vacation pictures where Gracie is age 4 1/2 mths to 5 mths old. 

Vacation 2006 - Keith & Mary take their teens, dog and baby on a 3800 mile trek across the desert, over the mountains and through the prairies on vacation!  Lots of fun!!!

Gracie at three months old - just a couple of photos, I'll add more later.

Viper Volleyball - Lexie played club volleyball in Temecula. See pics here!

More Gracie Pictures! - with a smattering of Katie and Lexie pics too

Prom Night - Katie and Jimmy went to prom!

Easter 2006 -  Click here to see our Easter pictures. We had fun taking pictures of Gracie in her Easter dress.

Gracie Pictures - She's just adorable!  Click here to see more pictures of Gracie. This is where you can see pics of Gracie at home and on the go. To see her birthday photos, click on Gracie in the menu above.

Baby pics of Katie & Lexie - just for fun, look back and see how adorable Katie & Lexie were when they were babies!

We're Expecting! - Click here to see photos of the Baby Shower and catch a glimpse of Mary's pregnant belly!  She's shy about getting in front of the camera lately, so enjoy these pictures cuz they weren't easy to capture!

Vacation 2005 - We had one of the best vacations ever!  We saw lots of relatives & friends, lots of beautiful scenery, plenty of wildlife, no internet and spotty cell service. Even the dog had fun!  Here are photos of our trip - we drove about 3500 miles in our van in ten days.

Summer 2005 - June and the rest of the summer will be on this page - click here to see the end of the school-year and the summer fun we're having in 2005.

Spring of 2005 - Between Spring Break and Summer Vacation - this is the place to see the fun we're having.

Spring Trip!  We traveled from Southern California to Meeteetse, Wyoming and Hardin, Montana.  See our spring trip adventure here.

Flat Stanley - Kevin Bley and his class are doing a project in school called Flat Stanley.  Kevin sent his Flat Stanley to the Grammas in Wyoming, then we got him.

Here we are in 2005 - this is where you can see photos of the Schumacher family as we have more California adventures in the early part of 2005. 

Believe It or Not - Click here to see our collection of unbelievable photos.

Holidays 2004 - This is the place to see the Schumachers celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. 

Life in California - See the adventures of the Schumacher family as they live and play in Southern California.

Sandy & Ruby - it's not double vision - it's two dogs!  Click here to see double-fun dog pictures.

Pat & Jennifer's California Vacation! - See all the fun Gary missed when Pat and Jennifer left him behind and came to vacation with us in SoCal.

Helen's Photo Studio Mary's mom always has her camera ready.  Here are a few photos from her collection.  Check back often for more!

Turney Family Reunion in Houston Texas - May 2004.  This shindig was a gathering of Mary's Dad's family and attended by Helen and Ed.

Christmas 2003 & Grandpa's Birthday - We went all the way to Aberdeen for the holidays!  Click here for photos

Christmas Photos - Click Here to see photos of Santa and the girls over the years - See how much Santa has changed!

Katie's Fr. Volleyball Team - Click here to see photos of the MVHS Frosh VB Team in action!

Summer of 2003 - Where did everybody go this year?  See the Schumachers as we venture outside the city limits!

Murrieta, California - See our new home in sunny southern California.

Our Friends - Photos of The Schumacher Farewell Picnic are online!  And, we've got photos of beautiful brides, smiling grooms, and cute babies too.

Lordy Lordy--someone turned 40!  See Birthday pics of several old guys - and some of us young'uns too!

Basketball - See pictures of Lexie's 5th grade team in action. This was in the winter of 2003.

Christmas Pictures - See what Santa brought in 2002!

Christmas Vacation - Dry roads at Christmastime mean only one thing - Roadtrip!

In Travel, you will see pictures from the 2002 summer adventures of the Schumacher's. 

Mary's Framing Service is a look at what Mary did with some neat old family pictures.

Fun Stuff--well, you'll just have to investigate for yourself. 

Our Backyard -- See photos of who enjoys our lawn on Riggs Drive in Pierre the most!


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