Lexie's 5th grade basketball team.  In these photos, the Pierre Shooters were stomping the Pierre Fireballs. 

The Pierre Shooters are:  Coach Walden, Mariah, Taylor, Lexie, Kelli, Kaylee, Crystal, Katie, Jane, Cheyenne, and Bailie.


Coach Walden joins the team for a photo

As always, the Shooters are all Smiles

Shooter Team

The Shooters just made a basket!

Wonder what Coach Walden tells them in the huddle?

Mariah shoots and scores!

Crystal, Katie, and Taylor have their eyes on the ball while Cheyenne and Mariah make a nice pass

Kaylee and Kelli are ready for the pass, but Jane's got the ball, and she's not letting go!

The Fireballs can't get it in the hoop, Shooters Defense is Hot!

Lexie Shoots and Scores!

Crystal and Jane watch Bailey, Taylor and Mariah get another 2 points.

Kelli, Lexie and Cheyenne swoop in to take the ball back.

Lexie and Cheyenne prepare to steal the ball from that Fireball.