Vacation 2005

Our family vacation: On July 31st, we packed up and hit the road. Yup-- me, the wife, two teenage girls, and the dog beginning our adventure in the mini-van. 931 miles later, we sleep in the mountains of Bridger National Forest at The Kozy Campground. Monday Aug 1st: we drove through Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Hey Booboo--Where is that pic-a-nic basket??  We saw Mary's birthplace of Jackson, Wyoming and caught a glimpse of the National Elk Refuge. We continued the drive on through to Cody, then south to Grandma’s in Marvelous Meeteetse Wyoming! Tuesday, spent the day with Grandma in Meeteetse seeing all the incredible Meeteetse sights. Aug 3rd, bright and early, we hit the road from Meeteetse for the next 545 mile leg of this trip. We went through Tensleep Canyon in the Bighorn National Forest, eventually winding up in Pierre, South Dakota. There we met up with some friends at Jakes Place. Katie met up with friends and Lexie found some of her friends too. Thursday, August 4: Breakfast at Tiffany’s? No. But nothing beats lunch at Nancy and Leon's!  Following that, we were off to see the wonders of Aberdeen. From Thurs evening to Sunday night, we were visiting with all the relatives in Aberdeen! There was a lot of eating and beer involved. Then, we hit the road for a straight shot through to Murrieta California. Yup. That’s 1,670.7 miles. Yee Haw! The trip took us 26 hours and the girls had a whole day to rest up and get ready for their first day of school on Aug 10th.

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