We sure know how to have fun - cuz we've got some great people that we call our friends.  Pictured below are many of the best people in Pierre at a farewell picnic our friends hosted for us.  Scroll down and you will find that we've been able to share in the joy of our friends' weddings. Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Lexie and her friends, Katie and Devin swinging at Griffin Park

The drummer and a couple of groupies - Wendy, Joel & Kristi

Wonder if they'll miss Keith as Mad Hatter's #1 Fan and his loud corny jokes at every gig

Mike & Veronica Pietz meet Tom Schnieder from Aberdeen - they reconnect and discover they knew each other in their teen years.

Sherri & Jim compete with each other in their own rodeo!

Larry Weiss and Leon & Nancy Friend discuss how much they will miss the Schumachers

Good food and great people

The Hinzman family & Cindy Simpson

- they saved the day when they brought out their bug spray!

Dave & Sue consult with Nette, Colleen and Pietz about how they should help the Schumachers load the U-Haul.

Ray, Vicki, & Ted showing off the littlest friends of ours, Keith and Nathanial

The Stiles family and Katie saying Good Luck to Lexie

Payton, Parker and Terrah riding the bucking broncos.

Keith and Keith.

Sand volleyball and a lot of laughs!

Think they can keep the ball from going in the river?

More laughter and silliness than actual volleyball - but that's the way we like it!

Mary and her buddies

Katie, Jim, Lori and Chance promise to visit the Schumachers in California

A beautiful day for a picnic - Thanks everyone for your good wishes and the fun time!

Davis Wedding

Darrell & Shayna got married just before she shipped out to serve our country.

Davis Wedding

Shayna & Darrell

Linda & Keith

Here we see Linda professing her love for a guy with a great name

Kiss the Bride!

Linda & Keith

Cut into the wedding cake.

Linda & Keith

Toast to a long happy life together

Keith & Linda's Wedding Cake

Before the guests got to it.

Baby Keith, son of Vicki & Ray.

A natural cutie pie with a great name!