Christmas Eve in the Afternoon - Katie gets a pretty new sweater from Grandma.

It fits, it's comfy, and Grandma is the best!

Lexie found a pretty new sweater from Grandma under the tree too!

Sandy enjoys the ribbons and wrappings.

Wonder what's in this BIG present? We think it's a dog kennel. Sandy hopes it's not.

It's an Air Hockey Table! Next time you visit us, let's play a game!

The night of Christmas Eve, and all the Schumacher kids are waiting so nicely to end the anticipation and see what's under the tree!

All that waiting starts to take a toll.

All the Cousins

Still waiting.... Making Pig Noses to pass the time.

Lauren opens her present. It's the biggest one!

Grandpa gets a new toy, too!

Howie and Aunt Gertrude

Santa Claus!

Santa checking his list. Nope, it doesn't say "Ward".

On Santa's Lap

Back Row: Lexie, Katie, Logan Santa

Front Row: Brady, Taylor, Lauren, Rylie, & Eric

Mary, Gert & Laura

Christmas Morning after Santa's big delivery.

Katie likes the Froggy washcloth Santa gave her!

The SIMS! We are going to have fun with this!

Nancy having fun playing Air Hockey against Katie.


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