Christmas Night with the Bley family in Eagan Minnesota!

Uncle Kenny and his new juggling balls!

Sam on the bunk beds

Christmas Chaos!

Kevin and Sam set up their new racetrack.

Kevin watching a Christmas video from the new bunk beds that he and Sam share.

Downtown Minneapolis. The Schumachers with the Mary Tyler Moore statue.

Lisa and Rick Knudson enjoying a fun day with the Schumachers!

Kevin and Sandy sharing a cracker.

Sandy wants another cracker! Hey, is Lexie drawing a mustache on a picture of Bonnie on the computer in the background?

Kevin decides to keep the dog.

Mary and Keith at Home Plate at the Mall of America

Keith shopping for the perfect hat.

Katie and Lexie shopping at Macy's in the Mall of America.

Camp Snoopy and the Schumacher girls are taking flight.

Mary discovers the ZOOM button on her new camera, and snaps this awesome photo from 150 feet away.

We had a good meal in the wildest restaurant in the Mall of America.

Kevin shows this cat who's the boss!

Lexie makes a teddy bear in the Bear Factory.

Sam trying on teddy bear glasses!

Home again, and first thing we did was set up the hockey table.

Happy New Year!


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